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When you’re a mum, your handbag instantly becomes full of things that your baby might need, instead of your usual everyday must-haves. As a mum, you need to be prepared to multitask and have every tool at your disposal.

From wiping up sticky messes to keeping fueled on the go, there are some essentials that can make your day more straightforward and efficient. But, your bag only has so much space, so it is essential that each product serves a purpose. With that in mind, here are some handbag must-haves for busy mums.

Wireless Earphones

When you’re on the go, pushing your pram often means that you have no free hands so, when you get a call, you’re left with the awkward shoulder-to-ear situation which is not only uncomfortable, but can mean you’re less in control of your pram. Wireless earphones make answering calls so much easier so that you can talk whilst on to go, without any of your hands being taken up. They also mean that if you’re out walking, doing household tasks or just want to make life easier, they make it effortless to listen to podcasts, audio books or your favourite playlist.

Antibacterial Hand Gel

It’s important to keep your hands free from germs whilst you’re out and about and tending to your little one, so be sure to keep a bottle in your bag at all times. Not only is it good for applying when you want to clean your hands on the go, but if you ever find yourself in a grim baby changing room, you can use it to give things a wipe over with some toilet roll or a tissue before using.

Protein or Cereal Bars

As a mum, you’ll likely put your child’s needs before yours in the morning, meaning that you’ll probably go without breakfast on more than a few occasions. By keeping protein or cereal bars in your handbag, you can have something quick and easy on the go to keep you going until you can next grab something a bit more substantial and avoid those mid morning energy slumps.

Baby Bibs

No matter what age your little one is, whether they are just a few months old, or are over six months and have started weaning, having a couple of bibs to hand can help to keep clothes protected whilst you’re out and about and minimise any mess.

For babies who are still only feeding on milk, dribble bibs are ideal as they are small and can be used to wipe up any dribble or milk spittle. For older babies, who are more likely to be eating a meal or snack whilst out, coverall bibs can help protect clothes from spills and dropped food. Weaning bibs are easy to clean once you get home too, just pop them in the washing machine or wipe down with a clean, damp cloth.