Private proxy servers are often understood as dedicated servers, but this does not change the essence. In any case, it is used exclusively by one client at a time. The server is not shared with anyone, so you have complete control over how and when the proxy is applied. A private proxy server carries an exclusive IP address assigned to one user. Since the IP address belongs to only one person, there is no need to monitor the actions of other proxy users, which can lead to blocking IP addresses by some websites and denying you access to resources. You can connect one at any time on the website, since owning a proxy server privately gives an increased level of privacy and control over your server. However, it also requires higher costs compared to public proxies.

Private proxies for personal use

Dedicated proxy servers provide reliable privacy, so they have found their application not only for personal, but also for business tasks. While personal use cases are predominantly privacy-oriented, and you can configure Chrome to use a proxy server that routes all traffic through a specific endpoint, corporate use cases are more complex.

  • For example, companies use private proxies to check target advertisers’ portals without revealing themselves.
  • Or consider aggregators of fares for trips, in which case enterprises and agencies are in absolute dependence on dedicated proxies.
  • For travel fare aggregators, proxy servers automatically collect data from the websites of airlines, online travel agencies and other sources without blocking or banning IP addresses.

Among other things, dedicated proxy servers are used to collect price data, purchase limited edition items, create social media accounts, manage social media accounts, and more. Of course, performing these tasks using a proxy requires users to understand the difference between a resident proxy and a data center proxy. Resident option is better when it is important to impersonate another Internet user, while proxy servers of the second type are more suitable when there is a need to establish a high-speed Internet connection.